Empowering portraits


As a Portrait Photographer, it is my mission to capture the perfect shot of you, but as a female photographer, specialising in women's portrait photography, my promise to you is that I will do more than just take a flattering photograph.  My passion is to provide you with an empowering experience that goes beyond a picture.  Not only will you come away with an authentic, feminine photo that visualises your true essence, but you will leave feeling beautiful, confident and like the incredible woman you are!

Empowering & Lifestyle Portraits

Are you tired of selfies or asking your family to take a ‘nice’ photo of you? I know the feeling. Empowering portraits create a set of images that capture your unique beauty and soul. It’s your choice if you wish to share them with the world or keep them only for you and your loved ones. 

You are beautiful just the way you are.

Empowering portraits are for you if wish to boost your confidence, feel beautiful and unique, inspired and uplifted or update your social media channels … or your hallways!

There is no set formula or blueprint with regards to how to take your portraits. What brings empowerment is entirely unique from one individual to the next; from lifestyle urban portraits and studio photos to, my favourite, flattering window portraits. 

 It’s time to celebrate life and celebrate YOU! 

The process

in three easy steps


get in touch

Get in touch for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements and to see how we can work together. Simply choose time for our call here


let's Discuss

Together we will discuss the goal of your portrait session. I will suggest the best options that I believe will work for you based upon my experience, and you to decide what feels right. 


your day

I will guide you through the shoot on the day. I will show you your images throughout the shoot to put you at ease and remind you just how beautiful you are! 

Empowering Portraits Pricing

Here are the two most popular options for portraits, but it can be tailor-made to your needs and requirements. Studio portraits are priced individually. I am happy to recommend amazing make up/hair artists.



The perfect way to celebrate your life and uniqueness. Having your portrait taken supports your self-love and self-acceptance.

- Consultation call to provide guidance prior to the shoot
- 1hour shoot within Central London/ Prague
- 2 outfits/ different backgrounds within the location
- Fully edited 10 images for download in high and low resolution 


Virtual Photoshoot

It’s a fun photo session from a comfort of your home with me standing, not on the other side of lens, but on the other end of your phone. You will be guided through the process of selecting the best backdrop, lighting and posing positions, just as if you were having an in-person photo shoot. You can read everything you need to know about a Virtual Photoshoot here.

- Consultation call to provide guidance prior to the shoot
- 30 minutes photo session 
- 2 outfits/ different backgrounds within your home
- Fully edited 8 images    

Please note there are minimum requirements for a virtual photoshoot: a fairly new iPhone or Android phone and a Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G connection.

I would love to have a chat with you about how we can capture an amazing shot of you, looking and feeling just like YOU.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is your style of photography?

My style has been described as being authentic, urban, feminine yet powerful. My photos are natural, full of colours. 

Are gift vouchers available?

Yes, you are welcome to buy a gift voucher for your loved one! It makes it great present for any birthday, Christmas or just because.

Where are you based? 

I am primarily based in London, UK but I frequently travel to my hometown in Prague, Czech Republic. However I am ready to travel to my clients beyond these places.  

What retouching will be done to my photos?

I will always edit blemishes or scratches. Skin will be smoothed so it looks nice and naturally soft. Under-eye circles are lightened or removed a bit so it still looks natural.

Will you help me with the preparations?

Absolutely, I provide you with a detailed guide on how to get camera ready! This includes wardrobe tips, beauty and self-care tips. I work with amazing stylists and make up/hair stylist who could help as well!

I don’t like having my photo taken. I feel so unnatural.

Most of my clients say the same! And do they look awkward? No! Why?  Because I take the time to help them relax, put them at ease and make them feel confident.  Only then do we start shooting.  It's person first, camera lens second. My talent is to capture your true essence and getting the real YOU to shine! 

love notes

Natural and beautiful pictures

I enjoyed working with Petra, she made me at ease from the beginning of the shooting to the end. She understood my ideas and requirements without me needed to navigate or explain. This resulted in really natural and beautiful pictures. I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take amazing pictures in relaxing way. 

Kamila Kawai

Much needed boost to my confidence

The session was a present for me as part of my self-care after a pretty difficult year battling with my health. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! I felt so beautiful…what a much needed boost to my confidence! I think every woman should have such an experience. 

Iveta Jursova

Lovely and positive experience

Petra has a natural gift for bringing out the best of your authentic self in photographs. She understood that it takes time to relax and was very patient to try out different poses and locations in order to get everything just right. I have never had a professional shoot before and I generally don't like to be in front of a camera but Petra put me at ease and I loved the photos she took of me!

The light and texture in the photos were beautifully balanced and the photos had this wonderful mix of urban and feminine. What was really important to me is that Petra is an empathetic photographer who lets her talent be guided by the character of the person in front of her. The photoshoot with Petra was a lovely and positive experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Lilijan Sulejmanovic 

Still have a question?  No problem.  Just choose a time and a date that suits you here and I will contact you for a friendly chat. I would love to hear from YOU!

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