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Hi, I am Petra. Since I can remember, I have always been passionate about photography. My hobby continued well into my twenties until my passion became sidetracked when life got really busy. 

I had become an entrepreneur, running a successful and rapidly growing destination wedding and event agency. All at once I was also trying to be the best wife, mother, daughter, boss, friend and so on. I was constantly on the run and found very little time for myself. Then, at age of 43, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my life changed forever.

As part of my therapy I began taking photos of other female cancer survivors. A spark soon ignited within me and I felt that I had truly found my purpose. Supporting other women on their journey and encouraging them to share their story and follow their dreams filled me with so much joy.  


I have struggled to reveal my inner light, does this 

I'm inspired by...

People and their unique stories. Travelling to different cities has been always a huge source of inspiration. When looking back at pictures, however, I noticed that there were hardly any sightseeing photos...only photos of people! I’ve always felt that it’s the people and their unique stories that make cities great. 

My eclectic upbringing. Perhaps my passion for people was stimulated by growing up in multiple locations. I was born in Prague, grew up in Copenhagen and have lived in many different parts of the world including San Francisco, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur! 

I now live with my amazing man and our two gorgeous boys in cosmopolitan East London. I absolutely adore this part of London and find endless inspiration in the art galleries, markets, restaurants and, of course, amongst the vibrant local community.

I love our busy urban lives but I also appreciate our frequent trips to the old, picturesque town of Mikulov located in wine country, just at the border of the Czech Rep. and Austria. 

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Advertising & Travelling

I started my career in advertising in Prague and I absolutely loved this creative, fun and exciting environment. I got my dream job when I was offered the opportunity to work at BBDO Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur where I was responsible for the MINI Cooper brand relaunch. The campaign we created, “Is it Love?”, was answered in the affirmative for me and I have been a happy owner of a MINI Cooper since 2004.

During these years, I had the opportunity to travel around the world. I have always felt that it is the people and their stories that make each place unique. Looking back at my travel photos, I was struck that they feature hardly any sights, only the people I encountered.  

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Wedding Agency

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2005 when I founded the White Agency, the destination wedding and event agency in Prague. It rapidly became a leading wedding agency in the Czech Republic. We have successfully organized over 400 international weddings, including high end celebrity weddings, as well as an unusual mix of cultural events. At the helm of the White Agency I learnt that there is no task that cannot be done, from the hiring of the spectacular Prague Castle, to transporting special ice statues across Europe and to organizing a gathering of 100 beagles as a surprise for the bride. 

My interest and passion for marketing continued and in 2008 I graduated in Czech University with a major in Marketing Communication.


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The life changing experience

At the age of 43, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As part of my therapy, I began taking photos of other female cancer survivors. A spark soon ignited within me and I felt that I had truly found my purpose: supporting other women on their journey, encouraging them to share their stories and follow their dreams.


my timeline


Gatto Photography was born in 2020 with a mission to empower incredible women to share their authentic self through powerful and feminine photography. I am so excited to start the next chapter of my journey and weave my propose into my work.

After first few months brand mentorship was naturally added to my services when realizing that some of my clients could not use their brand photos to the full potential as their brand foundation was missing. 

I am so excited to weave my purpose into my work!

2020 and beyond

my vision

A world where women feel confident following their dreams.

I believe if you have a clear vision. You are unstoppable.