How do you show
up for your business?

Your personal brand is the ultimate reflection of who you uniquely are – your utterly uncopyable blend of experience, passions, abilities, approach and perspective. There’s no better way to express this visually than with photos that truly capture YOU.

As a brand mentor, I can help you capture clarity on what makes your personal brand unique and valuable to your target audience. As a photographer, I know how to truly see YOU, and to capture your essence in a way that shows the world what makes you so special.

With this powerful, holistic approach, you’ll have photos that help you feel truly confident being more visible as the face of your personal brand and business.

What it’s like to work with you…

A brand is not just a logo or a tagline. Your brand is how you make your audience feel – with the words you use and the visuals you choose. How they feel is what they buy into when they choose to work with you.  

Personal brand photography can help you interweave your essence, your personality and your story into your business. Together, we’ll create a selection of authentic images that help your audience get to know you – to have a sense of who you are as a person as well as an expert. This helps your prospective clients feel connected with you, to begin to trust you. They’ll gain a sense of what it would feel like to work with you.

It’s time to celebrate being ready for the next step in your business – for more visibility, more impact, more success. It’s time to capture YOU with some stunning personal brand photography!

Joy Poole, Leadership Coach

Chloe Westley, Public Speaker

Rhian Davies, Mindset and Performance Coach

Loma Tai, SUST Style

Christine Kjeldbjerg, Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer

Tegan Howlett, Business & Mindset Coach

JarryG, Jewellery Designer

Vladimira Fremutova, Meadows Bohemia Scent

Client Love

Great care and attention to detail

Petra delivered a fantastic service. She gave practical feedback on my website. The photoshoot was thoroughly planned and executed with great care and attention to detail. Petra's warm and encouraging attitude made me feel at ease - and that shows in the beautiful yet professional photos. 

Thank you!

Dr. Katharina Lederle

sleep therapist

Petra made me very comfortable all the way through

Amazing experience with Petra. She made me very comfortable all the way through, from the preparation interview where she takes the time to get to know you, to the shooting photo itself.
The photos are beautiful and the work with Petra has since boosted my confidence regarding my personal branding.

Pauline Micmacher,

founder of settl'in

Petra has an excellent eye for detail

Photo shooting with Petra and her photos made me really happy. Yes, happy is the right word. She chose the right balance between work and casual. She looked at me with different eyes, suggested a different environment and approach, and I loved that. I didn't want dull office photos, but to capture my attitude to my business. I cannot wait for next one! To this day, I receive praise for how wonderful my photos are. Petra has an excellent eye for detail, and I really appreciate her style.

Martina Levey,

founder of academia LEVEY

Photos that are telling my story

I wanted to have personal brand photos done of me for my website and social media and I was looking for someone who would not only take beautiful pictures, but also help me to tell a story with them. When I saw Petra’s work I knew she would be the perfect fit for me. Prior to our session we discussed in great detail what I wanted to gain from it, what “look and feel” I was going for with the photos and how they would fit in with my brand. Not to mention Petra gave some invaluable tips on what best to wear and how to prepare for the session from a practical point of view. Once I told her what I wanted the photos to communicate to my audience, she suggested a few locations in London that were spot on. I am a big lover of plants and East London is my favourite part of the city, so she managed to find spots that merged these two. I was extremely happy and at ease with her on the day and she made me feel so confident in front of the camera. I will undoubtedly be using Petra’s services in the future again!

Alina Clark, 

family Photographer

She capture the essence of my brand

I purchased Petra's portrait/head shot update package to refresh my website and social media presence. Before the photoshoot, Petra took the time to get to know me and my business so that she could capture the essence of my brand. I don't usually feel comfortable having my photo taken, but she put me at ease straight away and I quickly found myself enjoying it! I will definitely be using Petra's services again and if you are considering branding photography, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mandy Murdoch,

Coaching Psychology

I felt like I was on holiday

I hired Petra to take pics of me for my new coaching website. I felt nervous and uncomfortable as I am not used to that and I rarely like pics of me. I know that Petra has a strong passion for her job, that she has a very good aesthetic eye.  She is also a very positive and cheerful personality. Everyone has said that the pictures captured the real me, my soul and personally I never had such a great set of pictures of myself. I can look at them and see the best part of myself. She was genuinely interested in my personality, what my style was and the purpose of the pictures. I also loved the actual shooting as she was making me laugh, guided me to think of positive images and she repeated how beautiful I was (which always helps!)  

I loved Petra‘s approach. Even though she was professional, I felt like I was on holiday with a friend, having fun while capturing screenshots of those great moments. I have more confidence in me and I definitely overcame the
fears of having pictures of me taken.

Erika Felici,


Personal Brand Photography

3-part signature process for perfectly powerful photos


Purposeful Preparation

I’ve developed a purposeful planning process that helps ensure that your photos convey the real you.

If you already feel confident in your personal brand, we’ll start with a questionnaire to capture this – your mission, values, vibe, even colours. I even encourage you to make a vision board. (If you feel you need more clarification on your personal brand, I can help with that too.)

Building on this foundation, we’ll then have a talk about the looks and, props that will make you feel your best – and most like yourself – on the day of the photo shoot. If you’d like even more support (or pampering!) I can recommend some amazing stylists who can help with hair, makeup and clothing.

And then of course there’s the location! There are so many exciting options. It simply depends on what suits your story – maybe a cosy coffee shop, quirky hotel, stylish restaurant, outdoor streets/parks, or even an AirBnB rentals are all possibilities. I scout locations for you as part of the planning process.  

I capture all of these insights for you in a beautiful photo shoot planning package to be certain that we share the same vision for your photo shoot. And then we’re ready for your big day!


Festive Photo Shoot

On your big day, we’ll bring your vision to life and celebrate YOU. Most people are amazed at just how much fun they have on their photo shoot!

We’ve done most of the hard work ahead of time, so on the big day you can relax and enjoy yourself. After all, we’ll have set everything up in a way that’s entirely focused on making you feel your best and truest self.

What’s that you say? You’ve never liked having your picture taken?    

Most of my clients have said the same. And do they look awkward? No! Why? Because I take the time to help them relax, put them at ease and make them feel confident. Only then do we start shooting.  

It's the person first, then the photo. My specialty is capturing your true essence and getting the real you to shine.


Powerful Photos

As a photographer who is also a brand mentor, marketer and entrepreneur, my superpower is helping you make the most of your personal brand photography experience.   

From complete brand mentoring packages to featuring your business on my blog and social media channels, you’ll have every opportunity to embrace being more visible as the face of your brand and business. 

A few days after the shoot, you’ll receive a private link to a gallery of photos from which you can choose your favourites. I’ll use my magic touch to edit them and create a library of high- and low-resolution images. A half-day photo shoot will usually result in 40 beautiful photos for you to use to build your personal brand.

We’ll follow up with a videocall or meeting to ensure that you feel confident about all the ways you can use your new photos to be more visible as the face of your brand and business.

If you’re ready to be more visible to your ideal clients…
for more alignment, more impact, more success…

Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I choose Petra Gatto Photography? 

I’m here to help reveal your uniqueness and your essence that will capture the heart of your audience. My formal education in marketing and nearly two decades of entrepreneurship allow me to bring your vision to life and elevate your business to new heights!

Where the shoot will take place? My house is not so photogenic.

There are so many options depends what best suits your story; a cosy coffee place, quirky hotel, stylish restaurant, outdoor streets/parks or Airbnb rentals are great options. I do location sourcing as part of the planning process.

Where are you based? 

I am primarily based in London, UK but I frequently travel to my hometown in Prague, Czech Republic. However I am ready to travel to my clients beyond these places.  

I don’t like having my photo taken. I feel so unnatural.

Most of my clients say the same! And do they look awkward? No! Why?  Because I take the time to help them relax, put them at ease and make them feel confident.  Only then do we start shooting.  It's person first, camera lens second. My talent is to capture your true essence and getting the real YOU to shine! 

Will you help me to choose what to wear?

Absolutely.  As part of our planning process, we discuss your outfits and possible props for your brand shoots. I work with amazing stylists who could help as well! 

How do I use my brand photos?

After I deliver the photos, we set up a call so I can walk you through how best to use the photos in your marketing. Then you are ready to show up confidently online as the face behind the brand!

More questions? Great! Let’s talk.

Brand photography is not what you‘re looking for?