Why book an empowering portrait photo session? As women, we often don’t give ourselves the permission to be in the centre of attention. But I believe there are many reasons why we should celebrate our uniqueness and beauty!

„You are beautiful just the way you are“

Let me share my top three reasons why you should book your portrait session today:

1) Celebrate your life

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or any other life event, a photo portrait session gives you the opportunity to make this moment timeless and to capture different stages of your life so that you can reflect on them later.

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2) Create priceless memories for your loved ones

The people in your life deserve to have beautiful images of you. The
photographer Sue Bruce’s moving campaign #ExistInPhotos to encourage people to stop waiting for the perfect time and have their photo taken now strongly resonated with me and I am sure it would with you too.

3) Empower who you truly are

I believe every woman is beautiful and deserves the experience of
seeing her beauty through different eyes. Having your portrait taken is
empowering and it supports your self-love and self-acceptance.

Still not sure if a portrait session is right for you? Get in touch and I am happy to give you many other reasons why it is!

Why book an empowering portrait photo session?

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