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Birthdays are a great opportunity for self-reflection. So, as this week is my birthday, I am posting this photo of me from exactly two years ago when I was fighting with breast cancer. It celebrates life, and it celebrates me, just as I was in that moment. I want to share why I strongly believe […]

Empowering Portrait

  Since the beginning of lockdown, we have learnt that we can do “virtually” anything. I’m sure if someone had told us a few years ago that we would be working out with Joe Wicks every morning, attending National Opera and taking art classes all within the four walls of our homes, sitting in front […]


Diane Von Furstenberg once wisely said, “It is so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” This is the voice of an empowered woman. We can all remember that new relationship feeling: no effort was too much, the little things were so […]

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Why book an empowering portrait photo session? As women, we often don’t give ourselves the permission to be in the centre of attention. But I believe there are many reasons why we should celebrate our uniqueness and beauty! „You are beautiful just the way you are“ Let me share my top three reasons why you […]

empowering portraits

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