Birthdays are a great opportunity for self-reflection. So, as this week is my birthday, I am posting this photo of me from exactly two years ago when I was fighting with breast cancer. It celebrates life, and it celebrates me, just as I was in that moment. I want to share why I strongly believe that getting a portrait taken is truly empowering for every woman; not just the perfect women, the got-it-all-together women, but every woman. 

I clearly remember this day. I went to a workshop with Petra Klackova and part of it was practising portraits between each other. At that time I did not feel pretty at all; I was exhausted from all of the treatments and surgeries, so sitting down in front of everyone felt very intimidating. I am forever grateful that I went through with it. This photo helped me feel much more empowered, confident and self-accepting. 

I often hear from women that they would love to have their portrait taken but first they need to lose weight, their hair needs to grow longer, they are less busy… I sincerely believe that you are beautiful just the way you are! Getting your portrait taken is such an empowering experience, and helps you to see yourself as others do, which in turn leads to self-acceptance. Having a portrait taken isn’t about awkward model poses or trying to be someone else, it is about capturing YOU. If we wait until we have everything just perfect, we will wait for ever, but you are perfectly you right now.

I would love to give you that gift of confidence that I received when I had my portrait taken two years ago. It’s time to celebrate life and celebrate you! 

If you like to talk more about how we can work together to capture your empowering portrait, book a time to have a friendly chat with me, here. I would love to hear from YOU!

How an Empowering Portrait Worked for Me

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