I am thrilled to share my interview with amazing Caz Hitchcock, the creator of Gravity Technique which is introducing a revolutionary approach to chronic pain relief through empowered movement therapy! Caz is truly a body magician. I personally experienced her magic services when I was suffering from strong carpal tunnel pain. I nearly canceled our brand photoshoot as I could barely hold my camera. But Caz saved me with a few amazing gravity techniques and my strong pain was gone in a couple of days!

I absolutely love sharing inspiring stories and interviews with incredible women like Caz.


What career did you have before you set up your own business, and what made you want to start it?

I used to work in property whilst teaching Yoga in my lounge evenings and weekends.  After the birth of my Daughter, corporate life didn’t feel a good fit for us and I wanted to do what I truly loved, helping people feel better.  It’s always been the work that lit me up.


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What was your main source of motivation when you started your own business?

My main motivation then is the same as it is now, the people I work with.  I’m blessed to be able to affect deep change in my clients’ lives, enabling them to return to their lives free from chronic pain.  Serving my clients is what gets me out of bed every morning.


How long did it take you to go from just having an idea to actually starting your business?

I’ve been practising yoga since my teens and I’ve always been fascinated by movement, rehabilitating myself from multiple surgeries and then helping others when they asked me so it was a natural process really when I chose to leave my corporate job.  Having said that, it took 2 years to get the business to a point where it was providing an income that was viable and lots of hard work!

My business is organic and constantly evolves with the new information available from the medical research world and with the needs of my clients.  I never know who will walk through my door and with what condition so I often end up going off down a rabbit hole.  Most recently into the world of menopause support and pelvic floor issues.  15 years ago I was ‘just a Yoga teacher’, these days some call me a body magician.


 What did you find hardest?

During the pandemic I pivoted the business online which had been something I’d been considering for a long time, but I’d been putting it off because I was daunted by the prospect of learning new and quite complex systems and processes.

It was time consuming and frustrating at times learning everything from scratch, but it was worth it!


If you could go back and do it all again, would you do anything differently?

No, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I’ve always viewed running my own business as an adventure.  I think if I was to be super critical of myself, I would look at time management.  Juggling the business and the needs of my Daughter has sometimes been challenging and there are times I think I could’ve/should’ve been there more for her.  But possibly this is something all working Mums wrestle with..


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

When I met my mentor in 2019 she told me “You have to be your own knight in shining armour.”  As women we are conditioned to believe that someone is coming to save us (the knight in shining armour) and subconsciously at that time, this was still something that was a thing for me.  Hearing this and eventually understanding it on a deep level has been truly life changing.


How was your experience with the personal brand photoshoot?

I’ve never had a professional photo shoot before and I was a bit nervous.  I’m quite body conscious, but Petra put me at ease straight away.  Petra has this way of chatting to you in such a friendly and fun way that you feel like you’re just having a conversation and she just happens to be taking your photo!  I was also a bit hazy on some of the finer details for the outcome of the shoot and Petra’s ideas were brilliant.  The finished photos were professional whilst showing our brand with its unique personality.


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How have your customers/ potential customers responded to your personal branding shoot?

The photos have been received by my audience, existing customers and peers wonderfully!  Both Petra and I have received so many compliments and I’m told the photos are really eye catching.  We are getting noticed already!


Do you have any pearls of wisdom for other women who have just set up their own business or are thinking about it?

Remember your ‘WHY’.  Why are you doing what you’re doing and why does it mean that much to you?  It will keep you going when things are challenging.


How did the pandemic affect your business?

The pandemic closed my business as I was a studio based teacher working in close contact with others.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the lockdowns would cause me to take my business in a direction I simply hadn’t foreseen.  We now have online courses and I work over zoom as well as in person which has broadened my reach to a global scale.


Who would be your 5 ideal dinner party guests?

  • Jim Rohn
  • Simon Sinek
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Serena Williams
  • Maya Angelou

Because life’s too short not to get deep and existential!

Web: https://gravitytechnique.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gravitytechnique/




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London Brand Photographer with Caz Hitchcock

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