Let me introduce you to the Gemstone Jewellery Designer Jarka Glierova who is the founder of JarryG brand. This talented beautiful woman creates minimalistic and sustainable jewellery with unique tailor made pieces. I met Jarka nearly two years ago when she left a comment on my Insta stories. We started to chat more and realized we have lot in common. We met for a coffee, I became her regular customer for her bespoke collection of bracelets. Since last Summer I have been honored to take her personal branding photography several times including one virtual photoshoot during the pandemic.

Brand Photographer with JarryG Jewellery Designer Mikulov

Jarka Glierova, Jewellery Designer JarryG

What career did you have before you set up your own Jewellery design business, and what made you want to try something new?

I am a former optician. I worked for several years in this field but then when my children were born I decided to make something on my own.

What were your main concerns about going it alone?

Not being able to succeed and fulfil my expectations.

What was your main source of motivation?

I mainly searched on Etsy and Pinterest.

How long did it take you to go from just having an idea to actually starting your jewellery design business?

It took me almost 1 year to become a “legal business girl”.

What did you find hardest?

To come out of my comfort zone and show up for a potential market.

What made you decide to have a personal branding photoshoot?

I wanted to push my brand a bit further and I also loved your photos and the lightness and looseness they evoked in me!

How was the experience for you?

I simply loved the photoshoot! You made me feel so relaxed and uplifted at the same time 🙂

How have your clients/potential clients responded to your personal brand photos?

My feedback is only through the social media but they want more pictures of me :)))

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring a photographer for a brand photoshoot?

The photoshoot was pleasant and relaxed and the images made me to want to have more photoshoots with you!!

Where are you hoping to be in a year from now?

I hope to have more clients who love the work I am showing to them and frankly I love the smooth forward flow I am on now.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Not to push hard, the things will come as they are meant to come.

Who would be your 5 ideal dinner party guests?

  1. My husband who has always pushed me forward
  2. My friends (I have a couple of really great friends who have encouraged me in my creative life)
  3. Eddie Vedder the frontman of Pearl Jam, for his kindness and storytelling songs I love to listen to almost every day
  4. Anton Corbijn, the best photographer whom I have adored since I had first seen his job for Depeche Mode.
  5. Anine Bing and Athena Calderone who represent the strength in fashion and lifestyle business for me and empower women in their dreams. I love their work!!!


Website : https://jarryg.cz/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jarkaglier/


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Personal Brand Photographer with Jewellery Designer JARRYG Brand Photographer with Jewellery Designer Jarka Glierova Brand Photographer with Gemston Jewellery Designer JarryG Personal Brand Photographer with Jewellery Designer JArryG


Brand Photographer with Jewellery Designer JarryG

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