Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out from the crowd? Or do you have an amazing business idea, but you’re not sure how to take the next step in this saturated market? The answer is personal branding photography. The chances are you have given a lot of thought to your product photos, but your business is more than just your products or service. If you leave “YOU” out of your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Let me explain why, and give you 5 reasons to have personal branding photos.

1.It IS all about you

What is the thing that makes your product/ service different from all of the others on the market? It is YOU. No one else has the same story. Your passion is what took a simple idea from a dream to a reality; that is worth celebrating. I understand that not everyone finds self-promotion easy, and it can be tempting to hide behind your logo. However, your business belongs to you and not the other way around, so by making yourself visible with personal branding photography, you give your business a depth and credibility that you can’t get anywhere else.


Personal Branding Photoshoot for court translator Martina Levey in Prague.


2. Make meaningful connections

You want your clients to trust you. You want to make meaningful connections with them. That is difficult if you are anonymous in your business. Think about what it is like when you first meet someone and you know you are going to get along straight away. Is it their smile? It could be their dress sense; a mutual love of jewelry; a similar joie de vivre or groundedness. 

Just 7 seconds 

According to Forbes, we have just 7 seconds to make an impression. Well-thought out branding photos can put you ahead of the game by showing people who you are instantly, without the need for lengthy explanations. Save those for once you’ve got to know your client. 

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

We are living in the world of visuals. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat; they are all about the images. While it is good business sense to have a professional-looking website where you can go into the details of who you and your business are, you have to draw people in first. A strong social media presence is essential for this. Think of your social media posts as a flirtatious glance in a bar; your website is your first date. The better your first impression, the better the chances are of your potential client visiting your website and getting to know your brand better.

  1. Make the most of every moment

After spending so much time carefully crafting your ideas, channelling your passion and creating an appealing website, something as simple as an uninspiring bio or bland headshot could turn your potential clients away. It sounds ruthless, but unfortunately, that’s business. By showcasing yourself in the same way you show off your products, you are saying to clients, “This is who I am; this is my passion; you are going to want to work with me.” Don’t waste any opportunity. If you have amazing social media posts and website content, you want your personal photos to have the same feel and depth, so that everything looks cohesive and professional. 

Personal Branding Photos-London

Personal Brand Photos for a new website for Erika Felici in London.


  1. Personal confidence is business confidence

Let’s take this back to a human level for a minute. You have done so well. Getting a business off the ground takes time, dedication and so much energy. A wonderful reason to have branding photos taken is that it gives you a moment for yourself. It is still about your business, but, remember, you are your business. Pausing to make time for some self-care and photoshoot preparation can allow you to refocus on that incredible person that has built this business – you. Coming out of a branding photoshoot feeling beautiful and empowered, and with some amazing photos, will not only build your personal confidence but it will filter down to your business confidence too. You will be unstoppable! 


Now that I have given you my 5 reasons to have branding photos taken, let’s chat! I have had the privilege of taking branding photos for some very special women. Just like you, they wanted to take their business to the next level and realized that personal, captivating branding photography was the way to go. You can read more about the experience of these amazing women here. I would love to connect with you, create your brand photos and help you to connect with your clients. 

5 Reasons to Have Personal Branding Photos

Personal Brand Photoshoot for mindset coach Tegan H. in London.



Personal Branding Photos for London family photographer Alina Clark.



5 Reasons to Have Personal Branding Photos

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